1966-1977 Bronco Xtreme™ 6 Point Soft Top Support (PF507)


66-77 Bronco 6 point roll cage. Offered in welded or kit form. ships as raw steel via truck freight.

KIT FORM: Requires an experienced installer with metal working capabilities such as welding, cutting, coping and bending. It is a common occurrence to have to move the metal around when tack welding it together. Please tack weld everything before doing a final weld.

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All of our cages are made from 2″ 0.120 wall tubing and are designed to ensure plenty of headroom and to provide the security and safety that is always first priority on our products. It meets the bed of the truck at 6 of its strongest points to ensure strength and stability when you need it most. It offers full front cab protection as well as rear protection. Aside from the Family Cage, this is the safest cage design available. This cage features sportier bends and gives the cage an edgier look but it also offers a more secure and sturdy build.

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Weight120 lbs

Kit, Welded


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