1966-1977 ProtoFab RockSolid™ Flat Top Front Bumper


66-77 Bronco plate steel bumper with winch mounts. Offered in welded or kit form. Ships as raw steel via truck freight or UPS.

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The RockSolid Flat Top Front bumper is made completely of CNC Cut 1/4” Plate steel and is winch ready. It will fit most 6,000 lb. to 9,500 lb. low profile winches. The RockSolid Bumper design makes it difficult for obstacles to trap. It is designed so that your truck slides upwards and onwards over any obstacle rather than catching. All of our early Bronco RockSolid™ bumpers are designed with cut outs for the use of a Hi-Lift jack. This very durable and modern design is also tow hook ready and easy to install, only requiring 4 holes to be drilled. It is shipped as raw steel via truck freight or UPS Ground.

Note: All of our Bronco front bumpers that offer winch mounts are not offered with a body lift. You can still run this bumper if you have a body lift, it is just not designed with a body lift offset. It is not needed due to the design of the bumper, even for aesthetic reasons.

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Kit, Welded

D-Ring Tabs

No D-Ring Tabs, D-Ring Tabs ($56)


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