Shop ProtoFab’s specialty off-road products to style your Bronco or Jeep. Choose from three different styles of authentic ProtoFab product with both tube style and plate steel style products to fit your every need! Choose from the links below to narrow your search.

ProtoFab Classic™

ProtoFab Classic™ features the original sporty tube style bumpers and roll cages. ProtoFab designed this line in the very beginning and it is still popular today! You will find early Bronco bumpers as well as roll cages for every year Bronco in this category.

ProtoFab RockSolid™

ProtoFab RockSolid™ is a bold yet sleek line of bumpers made from CNC cut plate steel and designed with the mild to extreme 4-wheeler in mind. Its our most popular bumper line available. You will find both winch and non winch front bumpers as well as simple to fully loaded rear bumpers for every year Bronco. You will also find Jeep TJ, ZJ and WJ front and rear bumpers in this category.

ProtoFab Xtreme™

ProtoFab Xtreme™ is another sporty line of tube style bumpers only offered for the early Bronco. There are roll cages exclusive to the early Bronco that really set themselves apart from the Classic style cages. You will find some very stylish bumers and cages in this category.

NOTE: ALL products are built-to-order, meaning we do not carry an inventory. We average a 6 to 8 lead time however occasionally, lead times are decreased or extended. For a bit more accurate lead time ESTIMATE, please Contact Us. For online orders, shipping will be charged separately. You may request a shipping quote by submitting a Quote Request form.