Please review the questions and their answers below. If your question isn’t answered, feel free to contact us.

* Do your roll cages interfere with the opening of my Bronco’s glove box?

The “A Pillars” of our 6 point cages will interfere with the opening of the glove box and will also interfere with pressing the emergency brake lever and the release. To bypass the e-brake issue, you just need to unbolt the bolt and move it over then re-drill the hole. Unfortunately there isn’t a bypass for the glove box that we have discovered as of yet.

* Can you explain the difference between your Body Lift bumpers and Standard Fit bumpers?

Because our bumpers mount to the frame, trucks that have body lifts will have a gap between the body and the bumper. Some people do not mind this gap and others do not want it. We have designed a system that will eliminate said gap. We can accommodate up to a 2″ body lift on the early Bronco only. When you order your bumper, we will need to know how big your body lift is.

* Why doesn’t your website give me the option of a body lift on my full size Bronco?

As of right now, we do not have anything to accommodate a body lift on full size Broncos.

*My cam assembly is loose. How do I correct this?

If your bumper was recently just put back together, then the first thing you should check is the cam itself. Was it put back together correctly? The timing marks we put on the shaft collars should be lined up accordingly. If they aren’t, the system won’t work right. To adjust this,

Please see picture’s below for more information:

The cam bale (the piece that the hook latches too in the closed position) is adjustable. To apply more tension on the hook, loosen the nuts on the underside of the bumper then slide the bale towards your truck. When you are happy with the result, tighten the nuts again.  This should correct any issues you have with your carrier not latching. If you’re still having issues, go back to step one and try again.

* What axles will your SAS Kit (Solid Axle Swap) work on?

Our Solid Axle Swap Kit is designed to work with the high pinion Dana 44 solid axle however with the right modifications, you can make any solid axle work. You would need to purchase a few parts to make this work and it will require some welding/fabrication but it is possible. Bronco Graveyard sells C-Bushing Radius Arm Mounts that can be welded on to the Dana 60 to work with our kit. You would also have to cut all the shock and coil mounts off the Dana 60 and use 78-79 coils for our conversion kit. The spring mounts will need to go where ever the arms land on the Dana 60. For more info, please contact us.

* What are those long brackets that came with my full size bronco bumper?

There are some mounting brackets that are optional to install the rear bumpers for full size Broncos. The fuel tank will have to be dropped in order to access the area needed to mount the brackets.

Please note as of Mid-2022, we no longer supply these brackets nor do our current frame mounts support using them. This information is here in case you have the old system. We will not produce these brackets going forward.

* Are you still going to make Jeep products?

Unfortunately, we have decided to direct our focus on the 1966-1996 Ford Bronco Market. We do not know when we will resume production on our Jeep product line however we will post on the website if/when we do. We are not selling our CAD files on these products.