1980-1996 Bronco RockSolid™ Single Rack Rear Bumper (PF817)


80-96 Bronco plate steel style bumper with tire rack. Add D-Ring Tabs for added tow points. Offered in welded or kit form. Ships as raw steel via truck freight.

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This sleek bumper is made from CNC cut ¼” plate steel and offers the best body protection and style for your full size Bronco. The design wraps around the rear corners to provide our quality protection and includes a 2” unrated receiver hitch (unless requested otherwise). The tire rack is made of 2″x3″ x 3/16″ wall rectangular tube. The hinge uses 5/8″ permanently lubricated heim joints to open the racks. This insures a smooth and easy hinge to maintain. Included with these rugged racks is our fully adjustable cam latch system that will offer many years of rattle free use.

This very durable and modern design is also tow hook ready and easy to install. It is shipped as raw steel via truck freight or UPS. This product is also available in kit form.

NOTE: If you have an XLT or an Eddie Bauer model, you may run into an issue with the tailgate hitting the cam bail when the tailgate is open. To remedy this, you can run a cable stop (approx 17″) on your tailgate. 

Installation: On the full size Bronco, the fuel tank will need to be dropped in order to install the bumper using the added reinforcement brackets. It is NOT required to use these brackets, but this is how they are used:


There have been several people who have successfully put these bumpers on pickup trucks. Please keep in mind that these bumpers are made for the Ford Bronco and the stock axles they it come with. These bumpers will fit on F-Series pickups however the frames are not the same nor are the bolt patterns for the spare tire and it will require heavy modification to install the bumper properly.  You will have to have an adapter made to make the spare tire fit. WE DO NOT PROVIDE THIS ADAPTER at no charge. The frame mounts will also need to be ordered unwelded on the front bumpers and the rear bumpers will need extra bracketry that may still require modification and also are not free of charge. We DO NOT recommend putting these bumpers on pickup trucks unless you have an experienced fabricator contracted for the job. We also DO NOT provide installation assistance in this case.

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Weight 160 lbs

Kit, Welded


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